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Rubber Injection Mold

Rubber Injection Mold
It is suitable for rubber injection molding machine. Before being injected to the cavity of molds through screw or valve of injector, the rubber compound is pre-heated and plasticized, then the rubber will be vulcanized and molded under high pressure and temperature.
Injection mold technology is applied for processing, which could make production continuous, highly-efficient and produce products with excellent density. In addition, it could also duly shorten the vulcanization time and improve the dimensional precision. It is applicable to products with complex shape and molding difficulty and inserts. Major molds include shock absorber mould, corrugated pipe mold, elbow pipe mold, silicone mold, auto parts mold, electronic accessories mold, dust-proof cover mold and cold runner mold etc.
Rubber Injection Mold
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